Pendleton County, WV Physical Therapist

Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic – Franklin & Brandywine

The physical therapist you select to assist with recovery from your accident, injury, or medical condition will largely determine how effective and efficient your rehabilitation is over the long term. Knowledgeable physicians, athletic trainers, and patients have selected Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic’s premier exercise and rehabilitation facility for over 29 years because our programs are highly effective and efficient. We treat each patient with a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration each individual’s functional needs and realistic pre-condition abilities to provide optimal results every time. A successful return to your active lifestyle begins at Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic. Our team offers traditional physical therapy techniques as well as advanced medical treatments that have been proven safe and effective.

Chronic Pain Therapy & Opioid Alternative Treatment – Franklin, WV

Pain disrupts all aspects of life and interferes with the recovery process. At Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our Franklin, WV patients suffering from a wide range of conditions that cause chronic pain. Our traditional physical therapy principles address and correct the root cause of pain along with our proven effective advanced techniques. The compassionate Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic team works closely with each patient to treat pain with a combination of exercise, functional movement, and other modalities as appropriate to improve the strength, flexibility, and range of motion of each individual according to ability. Significant pain relief is possible for several mild to moderate-level conditions, specifically certain types of spine and joint pain, when the prescribed rehabilitation program is followed. In many cases, reliance on opioid-based medications becomes unnecessary. Contact us to learn more about our exciting alternatives to opioid-based pain management.

Brandywine, WV Post-Surgical Therapy

If your physician has prescribed invasive surgery to treat your lower back pain, rotator cuff tear, or knee injury, ask if a trial of physical therapy is right for you. The Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic team helps many patients avoid surgery, as well as get back on their feet after all types of medical procedures. If you are a resident of Brandywine or elsewhere in Pendleton County, WV, and have already undergone surgery, we can help you resume your daily activities as soon as possible. Surgical procedures significantly disrupt the functional ability of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Our post-surgical recovery programs are personalized to identify asymmetries, functional deficiencies, mobility issues, and many other factors so that we can work with you to correct the issues and get you back to living your best life.

Pocahontas County Outpatient Physical Therapy

When excellence in rehabilitation matters, Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic delivers. For over 29 years, our dedicated team has provided residents of Pendleton County quality results in outpatient physical therapy and sports injury recovery. As your premier rehabilitation service provider, we treat patients of all ages with a comprehensive approach that includes both traditional and advanced therapeutic techniques. Our compassionate team helps you get the best results from your rehabilitation experience. Relief is just a phone call away. We look forward to working with you! Contact Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic to get started. No referral is required.

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