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Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic – Elkins, WV

If you are looking for exceptional physical therapy close to home, Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic delivers! We are conveniently located in the Elkins Railyard at 10 Main Street, Elkins, WV. Our highly skilled rehabilitation staff will help you resume the fullest functional level possible with personalized one-on-one assistance, the most advanced state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, and an intense devotion to providing effective, compassionate care.

Effective Pain & Mobility Treatment in Randolph County, WV

With over 29 years of experience serving our patients, we are the #1 choice of many Randolph County physicians because we get results. Our individualized therapeutic programs are specifically designed to treat and heal many types of physical injuries, conditions, and performance deficiencies. The highly trained specialists of Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic go beyond symptom relief. We correct the underlying causes of our patients’ pain, stiffness, range-of-motion, and mobility issues. We offer the most innovative treatments that have been proven safe and effective with research-based results you can trust.

When you are ready to take back your life, the Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic team is ready to assist you.

Experience Healing in Our Clean, Modern Facility in Elkins, WV

Our facility is modern, clean, and fully equipped with all of the professional physical therapy equipment and tools required to deliver the exceptional results you have come to expect from Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic. Our team is proud to be members of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce. Our Co-Owner, Chad Shoemaker, was voted the 2016 People’s Choice for Physical Therapy by the subscribers of The Inter-Mountain Newspaper. All staff members are caring, compassionate, and highly skilled. We welcome you with a supportive environment conducive to providing the optimal atmosphere for healing.

No Referral Required Physical Therapy – Beverly & Mill Creek, WV

Whether you have a prescription from your physician, a referral, or discovered us on your own, we will get you in right away so you can begin the recovery process as soon as possible. We will perform an initial evaluation and develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on your individual physical condition and goals.

Throughout your therapy, we will keep you and your physician involved and informed regarding your progress. Our hands-on approach and a variety of advanced therapeutic options will be used to relieve your pain, increase your physical strength, improve mobility, and help avoid injury recurrence in the future. For over 29 years, our team has helped residents of Elkins, Beverly, Mill Creek, and all of Randolph County, WV overcome physical limitations and maximize performance.

As soon as you are cleared by your physician to begin physical therapy, contact the skilled Elkins Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic team. Ready to get started? Call today!

Elkins Clinic: 304-636-1548