Certified and Experienced Physical Therapists Treat Patients from Upshur County, WV

Elkins Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic has been catering to patients from Upshur County, WV for over 25 years. We truly love being a part of our local communities and helping our patients from our service area reach their fullest potential and meet their specific goals. Our certified physical therapists provide a wide range of physical therapy treatment options to patients of all ages. If you are looking for an experienced PT team to help you or your loved one, please give our office a call today or fill out our online Contact form at your convenience.

Aquatic Therapy Helps a Wide Range
of Physical Therapy Patients in Buckhannon, WV

If traditional physical therapy is something that you are unable to participate in either temporarily or due to a long-term issue, aquatic therapy may be the perfect choice for you. Aquatic therapy is often used to help patients who have chronic pain or joint and muscle pain and are unable to yet benefit from exercising with traditional equipment. The buoyancy of the water enables patients to experience an environment that is friendlier on their joints and muscles. This freedom and decreased pain allows them to have great range of motion and gain both strength and flexibility. If you are interested in how aquatic therapy may be the perfect choice for your rehabilitation goals, give us a call today.